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Lodge Tent Lodge Tent2

     Standard Tent     
    widely used for temporary outdoor exhibitions,
    wedding parties, festival celebrations,conferences,sports and other events,
    and also good solution of temporary warehouse, workshop and temporary emergency     
     relief and other purposes.

Lodge Tent Lodge Tent2

     The art of moving space     
    Aluminum alloy frame tent Design, Manufacture and Sales.     


Technologically Advanced Aluminum Frame Tents for Every Occasion


.As a professional tent manufacturer, we specialize in large-scale tents with aluminum frames, offering customized solutions such exhibitions, festivals and music events, wedding celebrations, sports arenas and events, which showcase our technological expertise, innovative design, and modular, eco-friendly concepts. Our advantages include:

.Technological Leadership: We leverage advanced manufacturing techniques and processes to ensure the quality, stability, and safety of our tents.

.Innovative Design: Our dedicated design team focuses on innovation and personalization, creating unique tents that meet specific customer needs and brand identities.

. Modular Flexibility: Our tents feature modular design, allowing for flexible combinations and expansions to accommodate different venues and event scales.

. Environmental Consciousness: We prioritize environmental conservation by utilizing sustainable materials and resources, striving to minimize our impact on the environment.

One-stop hotel tent solutions

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If you want to know about the size and price of the glamping tent, please feel free to contact us. Looko tent not only offers favorable prices according to your requirements, but also can provide various customized solutions for you.

From personalized campsite planning to interior decorating solutions and luxury modular bathrooms, we offer everything you need to take the camping entrepreneur's glamping business to the next level.

  • We don't just sell tent products, we curate camping experiences.
  • We strive to give our users a different experience, pays attention to detail and is passionate about sustainability.
This sets us apart from our peers as the best camping solutions provider.

Discover our one-stop solutions

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Flexible Modular Customization to Meet Client Requirements, with Easy Installation.

Experience the convenience of our aluminum frame tents, designed to be flexible and modular, allowing for easy customization according to your specific needs.

With simple installation, you can quickly set up the perfect space for your event.

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Durable Products with Over 20 Years of Design and Manufacturing Expertise, Ensuring High-Quality Materials and Product Control.

Benefit from our extensive experience in designing and producing tents.

Our durable aluminum frame tents are crafted using high-grade materials and undergo rigorous quality control measures. Trust in our expertise for long-lasting and reliable solutions

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Advanced Factory Equipment and Rapid Service Response for Efficient Operations.

We ensure efficient production processes to meet your demands. Additionally, our dedicated team provides quick and responsive service, ensuring timely support and assistance.

Experience the benefits of our advanced facilities and exceptional customer service.